Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about TrainerMD®?
• All-inclusive preventive health software platform with education & support
• Physicians and clinicians prescribe TrainerMD programs to patients
• Programs are directed & supported by physicians and trainers
• Integrated online & onsite features
• Real-time health data
• Ongoing education, coaching, testing and support

What is special about the TrainerMD software platform?
• HIPAA compliance with multiple user security
• The company has four patents pending for design and functionality
• Third party software & hardware may be integrated into health dashboards
• Patient, physician, trainer, provider and administrators all manage data

How do I join a TrainerMD program?
Your doctor, trainer, healthcare provider, company or fitness center must be a registered affiliate with TrainerMD in order for you to become a member. A TrainerMD representative can assist you with the registration paperwork.

Who should Join a TrainerMD program?
• Members range in age from 16 to 95
• Those who need to: lose weight, gain strength, increase stamina, boost immunity, recover from injuries, surgeries and disease
• Improve overall health
• Increase performance
• Prevent disease, pain and fall risk
Why are all of your programs 12 months?
We strongly believe that there are three stages to achieving goals; Foundation, Results and Maintenance. It takes 12 months to complete these three stages and our studies have shown that completing all three stages is the key to successful programs.

Can I do a shorter program?
We do not recommend shorter programs.

How do physicians benefit?
• Improved patient health performance and outcomes
• Physicians earn higher pay for improved patient panel performance
• Adds value to the patient healthcare experience
• Early health risk detection
• Personalized interventions
• New referrals from downstream care providers
• Minimal physician involvement
• No cost to the physician or practice
• Improved health lowers costs and utilization
• Marketing, promotion and staff training is all provided
• Real-time vital notifications from patients using Jabra Sport Pulse® headset
• Access to patient dashboard, including real-time data transferred from Jabra Sport Pulse® headset

How do medical practices benefit?
• New referrals from downstream care providers and current patients
• Cost savings through healthier patients and lower utilization
• Marketing & branding advantage through new patient programs

How do patients benefit?
• Detect health issues early before becoming more serious, costly or chronic illnesses
• Faster and lower risk recovery from surgery or illness
• Improved collaboration between all care providers
• Real-time data and feedback helps patients/providers personalize programs
• New information and more feedback improves treatment plans
• Improved health lowers costs and utilization
• Family and designated care providers may stay in the care loop
• Ongoing education, coaching and support
• Access to Jabra Sport Pulse® headset for use during workouts, making hands-free calls and listening to music

How do trainers benefit?
• HIPAA compliance enables trainers to receive new patient referrals
• Steady stream of new patient referrals
• Better wages
• Higher level of professionalism
• Real-time vital notifications of clients using Jabra Sport Pulse® headset

How do Company’s benefit?
• Medical Workplace Wellness Programs keep doctors/providers in the loop
• Medical Workplace Wellness Programs have rewards & “Gamification”
• Healthier employees are more productive and lower insurance premiums
• TMD programs are results driven and promote engagement & participation

How do TrainerMD Affiliates & Partners benefit?
Our leading edge technology, team and our dedication to continuing to improve our customer experience, will help our partners and affiliates to gain a competitive advantage in their markets.

How much does it cost?
$699 for the annual program, which is equivalent to approximately $58 per month.

Is the program covered by insurance?
The program is covered by many Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and employer benefits, however it is not currently covered by health insurance. TrainerMD® is in the process of working with health insurance providers to obtain approval.