Workplace Wellness


As costs continue to rise, employees are falling through the gap in our healthcare system. Whether they want to lose weight, get fit, or recover from surgery, injury, or the effects of chronic conditions, employees need an affordable, long-term solution that will educate them, support them, and keep them engaged as they go through the process of restoring their health.

Most workplace wellness programs focus on weight loss, often ignoring basic health, nutrition and fitness principles. Many fail to educate, track, support, or quantify employee results and performance. These shortcomings may further stress company resources and can result in loss of productivity.

The TrainerMD® approach focuses on total health and wellbeing. Employees receive the fitness and nutrition education programs and support they need to obtain and maintain their health. With the TrainerMD® report feature, employers can measure the performance and success of all programs for ROI.

Benefits of Membership

As TrainerMD® members, employees have access to "best practices" physician-directed fitness and nutrition programs and the support they need to stay engaged and achieve their goals:

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TrainerMD® is the solution for workplace wellness clients seeking a turnkey physician-directed fitness and nutrition option for their employees. We bridge the gap between the medical world and the fitness world.